They say the first step
is always the hardest.

Let’s make it easy.

Mabuhay ang Masinop!

We all have dreams . We all look forward to a bright future for us and our family. The reason we work hard is to provide for the people we love. Whether itโ€™s good education for your child or sibling, savings for our retirement or plans to travel the world, we aim to accomplish them.

A dream without a plan is just a wish. Have you asked yourself these questions: Are you ready if anything happens? Have you set your priorities well? Does your goals align with what you are doing right now?

Welcome to Binata Life! A place where we share stories to make you smile, learn something new, plan for your future and everything under the sun. We hope you will enjoy your stay here and be part of an exciting journey.

Me, my brother and our two fathers.

I have a little brother and weโ€™re 12 years apart. If youโ€™re curious why, hereโ€™s our story. Our family is quite interesting. My brother and I have two different fathers but was never an issue.