We’re all lost. We’ll all be found.

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We all felt lost at some point. It seems like everything that we worked so hard from the beginning, has been put to waste. We grind and hustle without certainty if we’re doing the right thing.

Then we arrived to the darkest part of our life. We became exhausted in all challenges that we can not see clearly. Everything was black, empty and hopeless, but we continue to pray and ask for His wisdom.

Suddenly when we looked up, there’s a light, and another one, then another one. The light bulbs keep lighting up, allowing us to connect the dots of our past experiences, present situation and future ideas.

Finally, we can see it coming into fruition. Everything that we’ve been through is part of the process. We need pressure to make diamonds. God is preparing us to abundance and a brighter future. All you need to do is act on it. #LetsMakeIt real.